Dr. Boici cream
11.00 lei
Epitelin calendula cream
9.50 lei
Anti-acne cream, 50 ml
8.50 lei
Hemosan cream, 35 g
9.00 lei
Stimuven Plus cream 50 g
10.00 lei

Natural products with medicinal herbs extracts

Welcome to the Aliphia website!

The mission assumed by Aliphia is to develop natural, original products, results of their own research.

We take the best from nature and translate into our products. Thus healing is provided by the nature through our products.

We thank our customers and at the same time our friends for appreciation, consistency and faithfulness!

Satisfaction. Safety. Accessibility.

The satisfaction is derived from efficiency – our products really contribute to solving the problem for which they were created!

Safety is an expression of quality – the team of professionals working for you does it with the utmost seriousness, responsibility and dedication.

Product availability – is a matter of policy in Aliphia’s price, the prices allowing them the access to all categories of consumers.

These three qualities of the company’s management, formed the key terms that brought and led Aliphia to a stable brand presence in the Romanian and international market.