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Acne vulgaris, simply called acne, is a skin disease (dermatitis) determined by an excessive secretion of oil by the sebaceous glands (sebum), which together with the dead cells which cover the skin pores and certain bacteria determines the inflammation of the hair follicle. The most common cause is the hormonal changes occurring during puberty; in this case, it is called juvenile acne or acne caused by hormonal changes.


The manifestations of acne are under the form of various disturbing or painful formations which occur in the skin:

  • open (blackheads) or closed (microcysts) comedones;
  • papules;
  • pustules (papules with an off-white discharging point on top);
  • deep, purulent cysts in the most serious cases;

Acne occurs especially in the areas in which the sebaceous glands can be found in a larger number: face, neck, chest and back.


The detoxification of the body plays a very important role within the treatment of acne. The diet with raw vegetables or the diet with green juices ensures the detoxification of the body and regulates the hormones.

The diet with raw vegetables implies the consumption throughout the day of only salads with raw vegetables with lemon juice and eventually apples. Nuts or raw peanuts may be consumed in small quantities. The diet lasts at least 2 weeks.

The diet with green juices implies the consumption of at least 1 litre of green juice/day. The green juice is prepared of green leaves such as: parsley, fennel, kohlrabi, cabbage, broccoli, celery, beetroot, onion, orach, dandelion, sorrel etc. in any combination. These are inserted into the blender together with water, lemon or limes juice and eventually an apple for taste and they are mixed until they liquify. Eventually, additional water is added in order to become more easy to drink. Green barley powder or wheatgrass may be added. The green juice is consumed some time after meals or as a replacement of one meal, especially of dinner. The detoxifying effect is intense, and the benefits for the healing of acne are major.

The examination performed by the specialised physician is important, thus a treatment with medicines administered internally for acne may have serious side effects, but most of the times they do not bring the estimated benefits. We recommend the use of the natural methods of healing diseases.

Acne usually stops at the same time with the natural stabilization of the hormonal secretion, that is together with the end of puberty.

Aliphia supports young people or the people suffering from acne with a range of products meant for this condition: Anti-acne emulsion and Anti-acne cream.

The unique composition with natural extracts regenerates skin and regulates skin metabolism in depth. The sebum regulating effect on the hair follicles leads to a reduction in sebum secretion.

The anti-acne emulsion is used for cleaning the skin, preferably every night. The process of cleaning the skin is very important, cleaning should be in depth, and gentle at the same time. The anti-acne emulsion is especially conceived in order to clean gently the skin sensitive to excess secretion and other impurities.

Immediately after the hygienization and cleaning, the anti-acne cream for supplementing and completing the skin regenerating action. The anti-acne cream forms a protective film and transforms, at the same time, problematic skin into healthy skin with normal aspect.