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Acute joint rheumatism (AJR) is caused by an untreated infection with the beta haemolytic streptococcus of group A, most of the times, we are talking about pharyngitis (streptococcal pharyngitis, streptococcal angina or scarlet fever). Streptococcal infection affects the heart, the joints, the nervous system and the subcutaneous tissue. AJR is infectious, acute onset and chronic evolution. The painful symptoms are intermittent, with relapses, the main organ affected being the heart. Cardiac complications are important and serious. The AJR incidence is high in children, being the main cause for cardiac surgery within the age interval 5 -25 years. The rate of mortality due to cardiac complications within the same age interval is also important especially in the less developed countries.


In the beginning, the symptoms of the respiratory disease are fever, sore throat, headache, pallor, diaphoresis, etc. The untreated infection migrates to the heart, joints and other internal organs. If infection advances, the cardiac complications may be fatal, the first symptoms being: carditis, myocarditis abdominal pain, due to the inflammation of the mesenteric vascular cells, and may have the aspect of acute appendicitis.


The differential diagnosis may be decided only by the specialised physician and needs a complex examination which includes: clinical symptoms and blood tests, ECG and ultrasound.


The main purpose of the treatment is the eradication of the streptococcal infection, this occurs after the administration of an antibiotic from the penicillin, cephalosporin group or, in case of penicillin allergy, an antibiotic from the macrolide group; the selection of the medication is done by the physician.

A secondary role is played by the symptomatic treatment of the joint inflammations, this consists in the administration of oral anti-inflammatory drugs and the use of antirheumatic creams or gels: The Dr. Boici Cream, or the Relaxing Gel with hellebore. The action of these products calms pain rapidly, reduce inflammation of the connective tissue in the joints and restore their mobility. The action of the Dr. Boici Cream and of the Relaxing Gel with hellebore is boosted by the prior use of the Relaxing Solution with hellebore under the form of compresses or massage.

The Relaxing Gel with hellebore and the Relaxing Solution with hellebore do not have contraindications, and they may be used at any age.

For the more serious forms of AJR, the treatment may be more complex function of the cardiac impairment or that of other organs.