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Ankylosis definition

Ankylosis represents the total or partial limitation of the movement of a joint due to the inflammation of the joint, due to capsular atrophy or due to the bonding of the joint surfaces.

Ankylosis symptoms

The ankylosis of the joints appears progressively, in the beginning it is just a pain which limits the movements of the joints or such movements are painful. Afterwards, the pain becomes more severe and the movements are more and more restricted, leading to the ankylosis of the joint or its immobilisation.

Ankylosis treatment

Any pain affecting the joints should be treated from the very beginning. Use the Dr. Boici Cream or the Relaxing Gel with hellebore from the very first sign of pain in order to inhibit the inflammation and to heal the pain, from the very beginning. The Dr. Boici Cream or the Relaxing Gel with hellebore may be used at any stage of the disease, but in the advanced stages, the disappearance of the ankylosis and the remobilisation of the joints occur much slower.

The mixture of the active ingredients of hellebore and chestnut contained in these products works wonders in any inflammation or painful phenomena affecting the joints, the more so in the case of ankylosis.