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Definition of burns

A burn is a skin lesion determined by an excess heat source or by different chemical agents. In addition to the tissue inflammation, there is also a process consisting in the coagulation of proteins with the release of compounds with destructive action upon the red blood cells. Thus, toxicity may occur.

Burn symptoms

Depending on the degree of the burn and its surface area, symptoms are different: Burns of first degree: skin is red, swollen, painful; there is also a rash which disappears once skin peels off; sun burns are considered Ist degree burns.

Burns of second degree: the burn is more in depth and painful vesicles with liquid are produced; after they burst, they dry and peel off, leaving skin sensitive to cold or heat, for a certain period of time.

Burns of third degree: the 3 layers of the skin are destroyed, and can be affected by the adjacent tissues: muscles, tendons, bones; there are large pustules with dark sanguinolent content.

Burns of fourth degree: tissues are carbonized, the aspect being that of black scabs.

Diagnosis of burns

Mild burns on small areas (maximum 2-3% of the body surface) may be treated at home, for the in depth burns or burns covering larger areas a medical examination is necessary. For an approximate calculation of the body surface area, you have below several indicators:

  • Upper limb = 9%
  • Lower limb = 18% (in children 14%)
  • Anterior or posterior trunk = 18%
  • Head and neck = 9% (in children 18%)
  • Genital area = 1%
  • Or considering the area of the victim’s palm as representing 1% of the body surface area.

Treatment of burns

Our recommendation for treatment of burns is Epitelin cream. Epitelin cream may be considered a wonder cream, the healing of the burns is much accelerated and the scars are much diminished. The 100% active natural ingredients stimulate own regenerative process of the skin, having an additional antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Epitelin cream contains natural extracts of marigold, evening primrose and chamomile, a patented unique mixture which recommends it for all problems which might affect the skin, not only burns, but also wounds, eczema, erythema.