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Insect bites are always unpleasant and function of each person’s sensitivity their symptoms may be very different. The spider or the mosquito bites may remain unnoticed or with a mild local discomfort. Bee stings or sometimes spider bites present very painful symptoms and in the most serious cases anaphylactic shock may be caused, this being a medical emergency.

The most common insect bites are: bee stings, spider and mosquito bites.

Their signs are: itching, local redness, tumefaction and local oedema. The discomfort sensation accompanies any sting and differs function of the insect that has provoked the sting and function of the personal sensitivity.

Bee stings and wasp stings are always painful, redness is powerful and local oedema is more intense. At the same time, these are the stings that cause anaphylactic shock most commonly.

The first signs of anaphylactic shock are: increased local oedema, redness of the face, accelerated and irregular pulse rate, sensation of imminent death, dizziness, fainting. It is recommended that you call the ambulance or the physician when other symptoms than the local ones occur.

Treatment of insect bites

Regardless of the insect that has provoked the sting, you may apply a first line treatment such as the Epitelin cream.

Epitelin cream reduces rapidly and efficiently the swelling, redness and itching sensation in the area of the sting. Epitelin cream stimulates own mechanisms of the body such as the healing, epithelializing and draining of the toxic substances introduced by the insect. Thus, the unpleasant sensation disappears and healing occurs rapidly.