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In order to maintain the health of your joints in time, we have for you some useful recommendations:

1. Maintain a normal weight.

The joints of the overweight persons are strained by their weight, and the pain and the impairment of the joints occurs much earlier. During walking or other activities, joints sustain forces equivalent to up to ten times the body weight, the smaller the weight is, the more the joint can resist. It was proven that obesity leads to the impairment especially of joints of the knees and hips.

2. Keep muscles toned.

Developed muscles support the joints much better, create more stability and absorb the shocks better. The most beneficial sport for toning muscles is swimming, due to the fact that there are no impact shocks and the cartilages are not affected. You may practice any sport, but do it gradually so that the joints could get used to the stresses and the shocks. Do not forget that prior to sports you should warm up your joints and muscles in order to avoid injuries.

3. Keep a healthy posture.

When you sit at the desk, in the car behind the wheel, when you read a book or when you lift weights, it is very important that you have a healthy body posture. The hunched over position forces and deforms the neck joint and the spine. When you lift or carry something, also use leg muscles, not only back muscles. At the same time, when you carry a backpack or a rucksack, use both of your shoulders; carrying your backpack on only one shoulder impairs the respective shoulder and strains or deforms the spine.

4. Diet.

Plentiful meals lead to obesity, eat food only to reduce hunger. Through the excessive consumption of meat or sea food, excessive uric acid is formed, and this accumulates in the joints and causes different types of pain finally leading to a chronic disease: gout. Eat a lot of raw fruit and vegetables, whole grains and oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

5. Don’t smoke.

Smokers are 2 times more prone to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis than the non-smokers.

6. Moderate consumption of alcohol.

Excessive and chronic consumption of alcohol leads to the onset of gout and other forms of arthritis. 150 ml of wine after a meal, once a day, has multiple beneficial effects upon the body, but do not consume excessive amounts.

7. Know your limits.

When you want to lift a weight, when you start doing sports or on any other occasion, be cautious and do not overestimate yourself, accidents which occur in such cases are among the most serious and the most dangerous. Do not try to be defiant, you might regret all your life.

8. Use quality products.

After a consistent effort, after a difficult day or simply when you feel the need for a massage at the joint area, choose the products that you use with care. We recommend to you products with natural active ingredients and without secondary effects. Examples of these products are: Crema Dr. the Relaxing Gel with hellebore or the Relaxing Solution with hellebore. The relaxing and the analgesic effect of these products is very intense, their efficiency being already known for ten years.

We wish you good health!