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Joint problems

Joint pain represents a real problem for the suffering problems because it provokes intense pain when the respective joint is used, it reduces the range of activities also provoking anxiety or depression. For many patients, this is a sign of old age and makes them sad. Still, the healing of the joint pain leads to optimism and good mood.

Most of the times, joint pain is the result of a unhealthy life style and an acidification of the body. This state is caused by:

  • Sedentarism
  • Excessive consumption of meat
  • Lack of consumption of raw foods, especially, raw vegetables
  • Consumption of mainly processed and depleted food: white flour, sugar, refined oil
  • Excessive consumption of fried food and steaks
  • Stress and nervousness

Treatment of joint pain

The treatment of joint pain consists first of all in the change of the life style through:

  • The consumption of raw and fresh food (salads) and/or green juices
  • The consumption of whole and unrefined foods: whole flour, cold pressed oil, entire fruits and vegetables
  • Daily moderate physical effort or 3 times/week
  • Emotional balance

Local treatment with anti-inflammatory, analgesic, decongestant and antioedema effects is ensured with the products: the Dr. Boici Cream, Relaxing Gel or Relaxing Solution. The application of these products restores the mobility of the affected joint and confers freedom of movement. The pain reducing effect is quick and long-term, but healing is supported by the change in the life style.