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Cervical pain is pain located in the back, at the basis of the neck, at the level of the spine. They have multiple causes and may be the signs of multiple diseases:

  • Cervical pain may be caused multiple times by certain activities which imply an uncomfortable position, keeping the head in a single position or repeated identical movements of the muscles in the cervical area; these may be: the use of the computer, reading, working at the desk, working on the band (in factories), the performance of abdominal pain in incorrect position etc.;
  • incorrect position of the head during sleeping may also be a triggering factor for cervical pain;
  • herniated disk in the cervical area provokes pain at this level;
  • rheumatic conditions in the cervical area;
  • Cervical trauma;
    • The most common are car accidents which may affect the cervical area – many times, the persons remains locked in a certain position, and returning to a normal position as well as the restoration of mobility take even several months;
    • Fall from a height;
    • Powerful or prolonged vibrations etc.
  • Torticollis – is caused by a sudden movement of the neck followed by the contraction and the shortening of the sternocleidomastoid muscle on a part of the neck, leading to the leaning of the head in that respective direction.
  • Staying in air draughts may provoke certain cervical pain in the persons with increased sensitivity;


Massage of the cervical area with the Dr. Boici Cream,, the Relaxing Gel or the application of the Relaxing Solution reduces the muscle tension, reduces pain and restores neck mobility. Massage with the Dr. Boici Cream or the Relaxing Gel is applied or the Relaxing Solution is sprayed 2-3 times/day or whenever necessary. The effect is quick and the improvement is long-term. It is also recommended to avoid or to remove the triggering factor of the cervical pain.