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When we are talking about periarthritis, we talk about the inflammation of the tissue around the joint, the most common form is the one affecting the shoulder and is called scapulohumeral periarthritis.

This is caused by:

  • the inflammation of the tendons of the muscles which are responsible for the rotating movement of the shoulder
  • the inflammation of the subacromial deltoid serous bursa (it represents the space between the deltoid muscle and the acromion, on the one hand, and the rotating muscles, on the other hand, that is the gliding space between the muscles and the bones)
  • with or without the inflammation of the capsule of the scapulohumeral joint (the joint between the shoulder blade and the humerus).

This inflammation is caused either by a congenital predisposition (space that is too small between the muscles and the bones) or by excessive stress (intense sport activities or professional activity which excessively strains the shoulder joint).


Symptoms are local and they are represented by joint pain with limited movement of such. Function of the intensity of pain or the immobilisation of the joint, the serous bursa, the muscle tendons may be affected, or the capsule is thickened. Pain is generally intense especially when trying to mobilize the joint.

There is also the diagnosis of pseudoparalytic shoulder, this is caused by an excessive stress and implies the rupture of the tendons, pain is mild, but the patient is incapable of moving his shoulder (frequently, in athletes).


Diagnosis and the degree of impairment will be determined by the specialised physician. This is not a severe condition, but if left untreated it can lead to the immobilisation of the joint.


Treatment consists in the administration of anti-inflammatory drugs, local infiltrations, physiokinetotherapy or the use of external creams or gels. The Dr. Boici Cream and the Relaxing Gel with hellebore have a specific indication in this type of conditions. The powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects and the antispasmodic effect and the effect of relaxing the muscle lead to the disappearance of pain and the restoration of the joint mobility. The consistent use leads to the disappearance of the inflammation and the normalization of the consistency of the serous bursa.