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Thrombophlebitis implies the coagulation of blood inside the veins and the concomitant inflammation of the vein wall. Thrombophlebitis may be superficial or deep, the symptoms and risks being different.


The vein affected by thrombosis is painful when pressure is applied or spontaneously and appears as a bump; oedema and inflammation of the respective area also occur. Superficial thrombophlebitis: superficial veins are swollen, with mild pain; it is frequent in varicose veins, and the risk of embolism is low.

Deep thrombophlebitis: it occurs frequently after giving birth, after surgery, after various infections or neoplasms; it may cause pulmonary embolism and many times it causes the affected person to be bedridden, thus, deep thrombophlebitis should be correctly diagnosed and treated.


Symptoms shown above in addition to mild fever or mild tachycardia determine the diagnosis of thrombophlebitis. This is confirmed with the venous Doppler ultrasound.


Deep thrombophlebitis may be a medical emergency and it is indicated to be treated in hospital. Superficial thrombophlebitis may be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, anticoagulant drugs or different venotonic products.

As adjuvant treatment, we and many specialised physicians recommend the Stimuven Plus gel and cream. The active ingredients are 100% natural and the venotonic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-oedema effects and the effect of increasing the strength of the vascular wall recommend Stimuven Plus for thrombophlebitis, varicose veins as well as for any problems with blood flow through the veins. Stimuven Plus contains extracts of chestnut, hellebore and witch-hazel. A unique mixture that ensures a unique effect. Its consistent use leads to the disappearance of the unhealthy aspect and of all the painful or uncomfortable symptoms, and your legs recover their well-deserved health and look.