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Definition of tooth abscess

Tooth abscess is, in fact, a collection of pus at the basis of the tooth which is determined by the body’s fight against certain bacteria. Tooth abscesses have various causes: untreated cavities, gum disease, accumulation of food particles between the gum and the tooth, etc.

Symptoms of tooth abscess

Most common symptoms are: pulsating pain, red swollen gums, a bump similar to a pimple representing the abscess. There could also be generalised symptoms such as fever or pain which radiates in the neck or the head. Once the infection progresses, pain becomes less intense, which is not a sign of healing.

Diagnosis of tooth abscess

It is recommended to visit immediately a dentist for a correct diagnosis. At the same time, you can thus prevent complications or avoid empirical therapies which lead to a temporary disappearance of the symptoms or, worse, can lead to the latent development of infection.

Treatment of tooth abscess

Always follow the treatment indicated by the physician. In order to support a quick healing and an appropriate prevention, Aliphia offers you the Heliodenta mouth wash. A concentrated solution with plant extracts, 100% natural, with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, analgesic and healing effects.

The Heliodenta mouth wash helps in the prevention of tooth abscesses, in their treatment, but especially in an appropriate dental hygiene.