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A wound is a skin lesion provoked by a blunt object or an external factor. Function of the occurrence or the seriousness of such, several types of wounds may exist. The most superficial wounds may not need any treatment (mild scratches) but others may need special and careful care (venous leg ulcer).

Treatment of deep wounds such as: venous leg ulcer, diabetic ulcer, diabetic leg, pressure necrosis, arterial ulcer represent a delicate problem and should apply increased care for their treatment.

Cleaning of wounds

Wounds are cleaned with a lot of clean and cold water, then with usual antiseptics: oxygenated water, ethacridine lactate. Cold water has a vasoconstrictor effect causing bleeding to stop. The cleaning of the wounds should always be complete and should be done carefully in order to eliminate all the foreign particles. Any foreign body which leads to the infection of the wounds and may delay healing. After cleaning, wounds are dried carefully and attentively. After cleaning and drying, Epitelin cream is applied, with an epithelializing and regenerating action.

Treatment of wounds

More and more physicians recommend for the treatment and healing of the wounds Epitelin cream thanks to its efficiency and safety.

The Epitelin cream is a natural product with 100% natural active ingredients. Epitelin cream may be used for all the types of wounds for the acceleration of healing and for the healing without scars or with a scar that is as small as possible.

Epitelin cream makes the change of the bandages pain-free, it humidifies dry wounds, creates a protective film against external factors and against microbes. In the case of superficial wounds, Epitelin cream is applied carefully in a thin layer after the washing and the drying of the wounds.

Concerning deep wounds and venous leg ulcers, Epitelin cream is applied in a thick layer under sterile dressing. The dressing is changed daily following the same procedure. Epitelin cream is a sterile cream (without microbial load), does not have secondary effects, does not cause irritation and burning sensation.